Truelove Pet Explosion-Proof Dog Harness

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Truelove Pet Explosion-Proof Dog Harness 

A creative spin on our most popular harnesses. Inspired by bold colours and patterns, this Truelove Dog Harness guarantees to make your dog look fabulous! One of our most advanced harnesses to date, with easy front clip-on and off, it’s easy to use and guarantees your dog’s security. Incredibly durable, designed with double stitching, these harnesses are suitable for both small and large dogs. The stainless steel rings are durable and provide large loading capacity and tensile strength.

  • Make a stylish statement with this colourful harness
  • The Truelove Harness is ergonomic and suitable for active dogs
  • There are two attachment points for extra dexterity and control
  • Positioned on the back of these harnesses, there is a handle for better control of movement, which can also be used to attach safety belts

Truelove Pet Explosion-proof Dog Harness, Camouflage Reflective Nylon Special Edition Harness, Upgrade Harness


1.The inner material is breathable air mesh, which is soft and comfortable,Truelove LED lights can be hung on the back to ensure safe travel at night. 2.Fabric with camouflage pattern can easily catches your eyes. 3.Duraflex® PC buckle on both side with large loading capacity which greatly improves tensile strength. 4.Light weight Aviation aluminum fittings on neck strap,a new way to put on and take off,which is more convenient in use.

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