Retractable Dual Dog Leash

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This Retractable Dual Dog Leash boasts 360 degree untangling technology which allows you to comfortably walk two dogs at the same time, whilst maintaining individual control of each pet. Each dog may walk up to 3 meters in any direction whilst the leash spins automatically. This product is perfect to use at night and in adverse weather conditions as the reflective material provides clear visibility. The ergonomic handle is easy and safe to grip, and allows for an enjoyable walking experience with your pets.

  • Featuring a LED spotlight and reflective detailing so you can see your pets at all times
  • Perfect for walking two pets at once
  • This dog leash is easy to use, designed with an ergonomic handle and break and lock button 
  • With a cord length of 3m, this lead is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind

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