Portable Dog Filtered Water Bottle

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This innovative Travel Water Bottle by is a bottle and bowl in one. Ideal for the car and walks, this accessory  has been designed to avoid leaks and spills. This water dispenser for pets is incredibly easy to carry during your outdoor adventures. Boasting a slim design, it can be operated with one hand, simply press the button to fill the bowl and release it to stop the water. This bottle holds 300ml of water and has a double leak-proof design. 

  • Measuring 64 x 188 mm this bottle is designed with a handle which makes carrying easy
  • Designed with a carbon filter to ensure water is fresh, its perfect for any adventure with your pets
  • Avalable in four vibrant colours
  • Featuring leak proof properties, this bottle is easy to use

Portable Pet Water Bottle, Bottle for Pets, Water Dispenser Bottle for Pets

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