Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain

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Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain

Running around, fetching balls, and being generally adorable is pretty thirsty work! But it's all too easy to forget to top up your dog's water whenever needed. Treat your pets with the love they deserve with our bespoke water fountain. Featuring a modern, contemporary design, the water is filtered so it will always be fresh and tasting great. Made from BPA free plastic, this water fountain will ensure your pet is properly hydrated.

  • Designed with a fine filtering system, making the water super pure for the freshest, healthiest drink for your pet
  • Crafted from the highest-quality plastic, this fountain is durable and long lasting 
  • Ensure your pets are always hydrated 
  • Electric water fountain which spouts a maximum of 2.4L water

 Pet Drinking Fountain, Cat and Dog Fountain For Water, Pet Water Dispenser



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