Cooling Splash Pad Sprinkler for Pets

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Cooling Splash Pad Sprinkler for Pets 

Give your furry friend the opportunity to cool off during those hot summer days, as well as a place to play and have fun. This splash pad is a simple, affordable, and ridiculously fun way to keep your dog happy even in the hottest temperatures. Designed from environmentally friendly PVC material, its suitable for dogs, cats, and children. Connect your water pipe to enable the sprinkler effect and watch your dog play in the showers. 

  • Featuring a sprinkler which releases water up to 1 meter high, great for keeping pets cool in the heat 
  • Simply connect to a water faucet/tap and turn on - water will start sprinkling 
  • Designed from thick and durable PVC, so it can be repeatedly used and is resistant to mild damage 
  • Perfect for keeping pets cool in the summer heat 

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