Thick Plush Anti-Slip Pet Mat

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Thick Plush Anti-Slip Pet Mat

Our Thick Plush Anti-Slip Pet Mat is delicately designed featuring on trend grey tones, offering the perfect place to snuggle down in. It’s crafted from the highest quality fur fabrics for sumptuous warmth and comfort. Great for both cats and dogs, this lush pillow makes the perfect bed for cosy nap times, with its thick base your pet can really snuggle down and feel secure. Your pet is guaranteed to love this bed. 

  • Features an extra-thick layer of crumbed memory foam for comfort and unrivalled support
  • Flat design for ease of use
  • Crafted from the highest quality material that’s long lasting and durable
  • Warm dog bed designed for small pets

Plush Pet Mat, Soft Pillow for Cats and Dogs, Comfortable Plush Bed for Animals

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