Who Are We?

Having always had animals as part of the household, when we decided to set up a business to build something for the family pet products was an easy choice.

We have have striven to bring our store the best quality products, the lowest price and unbeatable customer service. Upon setting out sourcing and developing the best products for the best prices we scoured the planet to find the leading experts for the solutions we wanted to provide in each category, unfortunately two legged expert cost too damn much so we looked closer to home.

Meet The Cats In The Doghouse Experts

Ralph - Areas of speciality Eating, Sleeping and Walks

Jingle (Jingle Bells) Area of speciality eating and sleeping
Shadow (Shadow Zombie) Area of speciality playing and chasing
There are no prizes for guessing when the cats joined the family.
We hope you enjoy our store and manage to find something for your furry friends. If you have  any question or request please do not hesitate to contact us at hello@catsinthedoghouse.com

Come Join Us in the doghouse